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Megaliths, Unified World

«Megaliths, Forgotten World» is only the first part of a series of several opuses.


In his next film, «Megaliths, Unified World», Howard Crowhurst will take the audience on a tour around the globe to explore what knowledge and principles link monumental constructions of the ancient world.


In his first film, Howard Crowhurst wanted to establish the principles of astrogeometry, harmony, shape waves, etc. Principles with simple examples, such as the 3-4-5 triangle: 

«With the understanding of these elements, the audience will then be able to understand how exactly these same principles are applied all over the world, in different constructions, apparently built at different times. This will be an opportunity to make previously unsuspected, but verifiable, connections.»


Howard is currently working on the creation of a “rough cut” version of the final screenplay of the film. This rough cut will then be supplemented by images shot at the various sites around the world, with detailed 3D animations and the complete post-production. 


The estimated budget for this “rough cut” is as follows:

Screenplay: 20k$

English voice-over for the first version: 6k$

Image sequencing and editing: 40k$.

Modelling and rough animation: 18k$.

Sound design: 4k$.


Total cost of the “rough cut” : 88k$


This subject is outside mainstream interests and so independent funding is necessary to make it happen. So any help in funding this exciting project would be greatly appreciated.


In 2019, more than 400 contributors and patrons made it possible for «Megaliths, Forgotten World» to see the light of day.

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