a new perspective on

Ancient knowledge

a new perspective on

Ancient knowledge

When Art and Science were one

Howard has made incredible discoveries from studying the megaliths and other ancient monuments. It will completely change the way we look at our distant ancestors.



Discover the ground-breaking books by Howard Crowhurst revealing the depth of the science the ancients left behind them.


Dive deep into specific subjects with several hours of talks by Howard


In 2021, Howard directed a full length documentary about the megaliths. It's the perfect introduction to his work.


Howard's Books

The Megalithic Plan

The new ground-breaking book by Howard Crowhurst revealing the connections between the major megalithics sites in Great Britain and Brittany.

Carnac, The Alignments

In this book, Howard Crowhurst shows how Carnac alignments were built with geometrical, mathematical, and astronomical principles.

The Nebra Sky Disk

Howard Crowhurst reveals the hidden meaning of one of the most enigmatic objects ever unearthed : The Nebra Sky Disc.

“Howard's work is truly fascinating but too little known , it deserves major international recognition.”

Professor Norman Wildberger, University of New South Wales, Australia

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