The Megalithic Plan

This book is a revelation. It shows how all the major megalithic sites in the British Isles are linked together by simple modular geometry on a gigantic scale.


In the far distant past, Great Britain was measured and organised and unmovable monuments, earth mounds and henges, were built to immortalize the plan and to incorporate the differences linked to the earth’s curvature. The principles behind this masterpiece and the reasons for which it was done, were handed down orally and in secrecy over the centuries by druids and Celtic monks until they were finally written down in cryptic form in the Mabinogion, the Welsh bardic tales. The installation was linked to the massive megalithic monuments in Brittany by incredibly precise meridian lines. This plan has remained hidden until now.


This book is not theoretical. It contains easily verifiable facts laid out with exact mathematical method and clear reasoning. It gives all the information and sources necessary to confirm its incredible conclusions.


You may not want to believe it but if you study the details revealed here you will be obliged to.


Are you ready ?

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The Megalithic Plan by Howard Crowhurst Book Cover
Carnac the Alignments by Howard Crowhurst book cover

Carnac, the Alignments

When Art and Science were one

Howard Crowhurst in this book has presented the most brilliant analysis of a megalithic site in the entire history of archaeology.


His elucidations of the geometrical, mathematical, and astronomical principles by which ancient Carnac was constructed prove that megalithic science was astonishingly advanced.


The book gives us unprecedented insight into the minds of the intellectuals of a lost civilisation, which we may at last begin to comprehend as a result of what Howard has found during more than twenty years of living on site.


His book is an epochal achievement.

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52 Mysteries

The Hidden Meaning of the Cards

The 52 cards with their Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamonds are the most widespread signs on Earth. On all seven continents, they are familiar to everyone. But how well do we know them?


Following a startling discovery, Howard Crowhurst, investigated the origins and perpetrators of this global success story. Along the way, his purpose changes as a mysterious world gradually opens up to him. He discovered that behind the cards playful facade lies a deeper meaning that seems to go back to the dawn of time.


This organization of shapes, suits, colors and numbers, which includes the Jack / Queen / King trinity, the decimal system and the infamous number 13, reveals the foundations of an ancient knowledge, as simple as it is rich. Even music and astronomy find their expression. 


The cards are a small book of 52 pages written in a universal language; 52 pages that can be read in any order, but whose true meaning has yet to be revealed.

52 Mysteries The Hidden Meaning of the Cards book cover by Howard Crowhurst
Versailles, the Other Story book cover by Howard Crowhurst

Versailles, the Other Story

Vol. 1: The secret science of the Sun

Why is the main axis of Versailles oriented towards sunset on August 15, and why isn’t this fact known? Why is the Apollo fountain, with its sun chariot, placed exactly on this axis?

What is the significance of this second château, the Trianon, built by Louis XIV “for myself” and where he kept a meticulous eye on all the work? How might this deliberately chosen 17th-century location relate to an ancient calendar?

Howard Crowhurst presents a thesis that the architecture from our recent past has preserved certain secrets from prehistory. He demonstrates the use of astro-geometry – an ancient megalithic science – in one of the most prestigious sites of European history: Versailles.

The story of Louis XIII, who placed France under the protection of the Virgin Mary and introduced the national feast day of August 15, and that of his son, Louis XIV the Sun King, suddenly take on a whole new dimension.

Richly illustrated with over 80 photographs and illustrations, this fascinating investigation takes us back to the origins of French royalty, revealing a preciously guarded oral tradition.

The Nebra Sky Disc

Following his groundbreaking work on the Carnac alignments, Howard Crowhurst reveals the hidden meaning of one of the most enigmatic objects ever unearthed and shows the profound understanding it encodes.

The Nebra Sky Disc is the oldest representation of the night sky known to date. Made of precious metals from different parts of Europe, it is the Rosetta stone of prehistoric astronomy and shows the existence of time cycles maintained to the present day.

Howard’s astounding discoveries stem from the 39 holes punched out around the disc’s perimeter, which hold the key to a pattern in the solar system. These holes have been totally ignored by all researchers until now.

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The Nebra Sky Disk by Howard Crowhurst book cover
Carnac twixt heaven and earth by Howard Crowhurst book cover


'Twixt Heaven and Earth

Here is an exceptional book, unique photos of Howard Crowhurst. Taken over a period of 30 years, they reveal those magical moments when the heavens enter into a relationship with the megaliths. 

Magnificent images that demonstrate without words and without equivocation the links between the megalithic constructions around Carnac and the astronomical cycles.

Back to Square One

Full of surprises, this first fiction work by Howard Crowhurst explores the difficulties of humanity’s future with humour and clairvoyance.



Five astronauts from different continents are in orbit in the International Space Station. Unforeseen events radically change their mission… and their lives. 



They discover that their intensive training has in no way prepared them for the ordeal they must face, a fate worse than life.


Back to square one Howard Crowhurst book cover
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