Megaliths, Forgotten World

The Movie

May 5th 2024

Written and directed by Howard Crowhurst, this film is the perfect introduction to his work.

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Official trailer 2024

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Howard Crowhurst's film Megaliths Forgotten World Poster


Thousands of years ago, before the Romans, before the Greeks, even before the Old Kingdom of Egypt, an unknown people erected megalithic monuments on Earth.


Their works span continents and millennia, leading us to believe that they were distinct, unrelated populations.


But the similarity of the techniques used, the architectural principles and the engravings and sculptures indicate a common thought. It’s by examining the astronomical alignments, the geometry and the measurements of these monuments that we can be sure that they are all part of the same culture.


This film will change the way we see ancient peoples, separated from our own time by millennia.

Are you prepared?

A new film project is coming!

«Megaliths, Forgotten World» is only the first part of a series of several opuses.


In his next film, «Megaliths, Unified World», Howard Crowhurst will take the audience on a tour around the globe to explore what knowledge and principles link monumental constructions of the ancient world.


Learn more about this upcoming project and how you can help to make it happen here :

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